Exotic Car Company Using XFCE For Extra Security

The exotic car rental market can be the most stressful and most dangerous market there can be with credit cars being stolen and face ID’s being use its no wonder its such a high risk business but the demand for it is amazing and the amount of people that take the ride are always thrilled with the experience and will probably talk about it for life

So lets get into the meat and potatoes of how the company’s use XFCE to help them secure there vehicles and make sure they are by no means stolen from the company and sold in another nation like Russia or China… so lets go

first of all each car is equipped with several tracking devices that are all connected to each other if one device looses reception or is taken from the vehicle the other devices will be notified and the monitor will know that the vehicle is being tampered with and it will automatically shut down the car and notify the business that there car is being tampered with and is ready for pick up since it will no longer be running no matter how hard the person try’s to start it they simply cannot

that is just one small measure that exotic car rental company’s have started to use, the difference between this system and the older single unit GPS tracking systems is that the older ones were easily removed and then the car would end up stolen


so how does a car get stolen you might ask well its simple companies lend out a car to a factitious person using other peoples identity and then he ships the car to another country for it to be sold… there are a lot of con men that do this and get away with it simply becuase its easy and its cheap take a look for example you put down 10k deposit plus your rental fee of 1-2k per day for a 300k dollar car and boom… but a lot of thief’s are now being skillfully enticed by this and then getting caught because of the next level technology that they have no clue how to outsmart and thank god there is such tech today becuase most exotic car rentals will not be around says Orlando Exotic Car Rentals


Orlando Exotic car rentals is just one of the company’s that went through the pain and anoyance when someone tried to steal there precious Ferrari 458 Spyder, they knew something was up when the vehicle had been sitting way to long in a single location and becuase the renter was renting this car out for several thousand a day it seemed a bit odd so they checked up on the car and it was about to leave port to another country… so thankfully they caught it just in time

stories like these really explain the reality of this industry becuase of its high end products being rented out at such a low price its no wonder it has  bandits all over it. but thanks to revolutionary technology its no wonder why its getting harder and harder for them

after all solving problems is fun and challenging work and at the end of the day the bad guys never win.



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